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"A guided journey to explore your electric body, combining Yoga and Biofield Tuning"


Starting on 9 June 2022, join me on Thursday mornings online to explore your electric body, combining Yoga and Biofield Tuning (the work of Eileen McCusick).

Each week we’ll explore different parts of the physical and energy body/Biofield Anatomy through Yoga and Biofield Tuning.  A guided journey to help identify any blocks and help them to clear. With the aim of becoming lighter, brighter, more coherent.   

Week 1  Ground Beneath Our Feet and Getting Unstuck (the feet and knees)

Week 2  Solid Foundations (the root) 

Week 3  Living an inspired Life (the sacral)

Week 4 Reclaiming Your Power (the solar plexus)

Week 5  Opening and Resting in Love (the heart) 

Week 6  Resonance of Truth (the throat) 

Week 7 Widening your lens and Stepping into the Cosmic Dance (3rd eye and Crown)

We’ll also look at simple ways to Raise Your Voltage.

When & where

Thursday mornings online via zoom starting 9th June for 7 weeks, 9.30am - 11am UK time.


The cost is £84 per person for the 7 week course or £15 per individual session.

Anna is a BWY Foundation Course Tutor holding the 500hr Diploma Certificate and is a certified Biofield Tuning Practitioner.

Please feel free to get in touch for further info, booking can be made on the home page or booking online.

A short health questionnaire is required to be completed for participation. Please note Biofield Tuning isn't recommended if you're pregnant or have a pacemaker.

The course will run subject to minimum numbers,

I look forward to supporting you on your journey, namaste Anna x

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Gyan Mudra