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"A Journey Towards Inner Freedom"

The course includes 3 recorded talks and 3 recorded yoga practices covering:

* What is menopause?

* The stages of menopause - perimenopause | menopause | post menopause

* Health risks associated with menopause

* Managing symptoms

*  Yoga sequences to help manage symptoms

* Sleep hygiene

* Lifestyle and nutrition

* Moving into wholeness

* Useful tips & supporting handouts

* Resources for further exploration

The yoga practices are aimed at supporting the liver, the adrenals and the thyroid, three major organs that often need support during this time.

Please get in touch should you wish to complement the course with bioresonance hormone balancing using state of the art voice and photo recognition technology.

When & where

The material is pre-recorded so the course can be taken at anytime and repeated at your leisure.


The cost is £60 per person for the course and includes 3 talks and 3 yoga practices.

The bioresonance hormone balancing is available at an additional £25.  The frequencies will be available daily for 2 weeks with options to continue.

Anna holds the Menopause Yoga Teaching Certificate accredited by the BWY and Yoga Alliance.

Booking can be made via the Online Courses tab on the website. 

I look forward to supporting you on your menopause journey.

 "A really great resource, and very centring experience for this stage in a woman's life. 

I wholeheartedly endorse this course.”

Mary K

"An excellent introduction to learning more about the menopause and how to overcome some of the symptoms in a natural way.  The background information is nicely followed by a relaxing session of yoga."

Sharon J

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