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Workplace well-being support including a holistic portfolio of yoga related workshops, courses, classes and bespoke wellbeing retreats.

These can be delivered in person or online.

By supporting your employees health and well-being this can help with greater employee engagement, retention, performance, productivity and lower absenteeism.

Yoga is scientifically proven to be incredibly beneficial for our physical, mental and emotional well-being. 

Brought to you by a highly experienced yoga teacher, having trained with the British Wheel of Yoga (Foundation Course Tutor, Menopause Yoga Teacher, Yoga Therapy for Restful Sleep). Anna previously worked at managerial level in a corporate events/experience environment so understands the needs of working in this space.

Please get in touch to discuss how Anna can best support you in supporting your most important asset, your employees.

Yoga at Home


Bespoke sessions can be adapted to suit the environment either on a yoga mat or in a chair, including gentle stretching to release tension, breath work and relaxation. 

Return to work feeling refreshed. A perfect antidote to long days spent at a desk.

Walking to Yoga class


Supporting women in the workplace.

25% of women experiencing menopause consider leaving their job due to symptoms.

Offering bespoke classes or workshops specially designed to help in managing symptoms and to help women  feel less alone and isolated.



Poor sleep can have major repercussions on people's health; physically, mentally and emotionally - trouble thinking and concentrating, poor memory and decision making, loss of creativity to name a few detrimental effects. 

So to help your employees feel well rested and ready for a good day's work, Anna's created a Restful Sleep programme, which includes top tips on getting a good night's rest and specific yoga related practices to aid sleep.

Pool Yoga Class


Bespoke well-being retreats to help nourish, nurture and thank your employees for all their hard work and commitment. 

Mini half day retreats, full day, 2 or 3 night programmes. With a background in running corporate events and more recently yoga retreats, Anna is best placed to create your perfect employee wellness experience.

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